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A complete look at the mystery Chinese tablet. 



A good deal, but there are better.


The design of the V812 is quite similiar to Apple's Ipad Mini. The 8 inch 1024x800 screen is clear enough most most users but there are slight black dots around some of the pixels if you look hard enough. The screen does get fairly bright and is usable outside on cloudy days. The backplate of the V812 is made of aluminum and has a great feel to it, and does make the tablet feel quite sturdy.

The V812 is definately a performer for the price with its quad core Allwinner A31 at 1.0 Ghz. It features not one but two gigabytes of RAM to help future-proof this tablet. The Allwinner A31 has a PowerVR 544 MP2 which is a very powerful graphic unit and can run any current game thrown at it. There are times when the 1 Ghz processor can feel a little sluggish such as installing apps while web browsing, and quickly switching from app to app. The perfromance of video and gaming is actually better than most apps that are CPU intensive so this tablet is great for gamers and movie buffs.

The battery life left us wanting more. We averaged about 3-4 hours of webbrowing and around 2 hours playing games on a single charge. The tablet also takes a while to fully charge, hinting that the tablet is simply inefficient rather than having a small capacity battery.

Mini-HDMI is featured on this tablet along with expandable storage with the micro-sd slot. Onda gets applause here. This tablet can plug right into your TV to become a portable media device, and with the expandable storage you never need to worry about how many movies you can download.

Onda doesn't have the best aftermarket support especially for U.S. customers so there is some risk involved for U.S. buyers. It may be best to find a U.S. seller through Ebay and purchase a product protection plan through the reseller to lower shipping costs and have another seller to work with in the case there is a problem with your tablet.

All in all, I would rate this tablet a 3.5/5 as it provides all the best features but does cut a few corners. It is quite a good value, but right now in the U.S. with the ASUS MeMo Pad 7 and the Nexus 7, it is hard to recommend it to all users. If you prefer the 8 inch screen with Mini-HDMI and expandable storage for under $180, this tablet is certainly worth a go.

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