Top 10 RTS Games of all Time


The RTS scene has been silent with new game releases, so look at the top RTS titles of all time and try a classic to keep busy!



10. Rise of Nations



Rise of Nations is the ultimate Nation building game where players can select unique traits for their civilization. Like most RTS games, there is a strong emphasis on economy as well as battle strategy. Rise of Nations takes players through multiple eras to unlock new technologies and units to gain an edge against your opponents. Rise of Nations is one of the few games that introduces players to their biggest friend or biggest foe: attrition.


9. Company of Heroes




Company of Heroes is a great WW2 era RTS game with a focus on squad management. See those nasty tanks up ahead? Select a squad and place sticky bombs on them, and turn them into scrap metal. Not only are the graphics beautiful, but the cut scenes keep players entwined in the gameplay.



8. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War


warhammer 40000 dawn of war 10small


Dawn of War is another great RTS with a focus on squad management. Add squad members to your squads and upgrade each squad member with several different weapons. The balance with ranged and melee units keeps players on their feet to take control of the battlefield. Mech units are each unique with amazing visuals as they destruct the enemy with no restraint with the amount of bone-crushing gore.



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