Top 10 RTS games

7. C&C: Generals



Command & Conquer Generals is an intense combat strategy game with three unique factions: USA, China, and GLA. Each faction has its own play style and command powers to turn the tide of battle in an instant. The expansion pack Zero Hour provides three different playable generals with a separate focus for each faction to support your strategy.



6. Homeworld 2


Homeworld 2 is an amazing space combat RTS with several layers to the game. 3D space and different class ships make room for tons of tactics to dominate the galaxy. Stunning visuals at its release and an addictive campaign make this an easy choice to be one of the top ten RTS games of all time.




5. Warcraft 3



 Warcraft 3 is what started the RTS craze. Being able to create soldiers as well as heroes led to many different strategies and kept this game exciting after hours of fun. Hero powers kept players at their feet with a good balance between micro-management and macro-management for a complete experience. Warcraft 3 helped shape the RTS genre to what it is today and we will be forever grateful.




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