A (Quiet) Battery Pack Revolution

MiPow Power Tube 2200 External Portable Battery 05Smartphones have gotten much more powerful in recent months, but all too often battery life lags far behind. Here’s a look at a cheap, portable solution that few are even aware of.



It is 2 pm and you are at the office and notice your phone keeps beeping. You unlock it and it warns that there is only 10% battery remaining. How are you going to make that important phone call at 4 pm?

This situation is becoming all too familiar. Very few phones can last a full work-day on a single charge under moderate to heavy use.

 Using your smartphone as an entertainment device on trips is also hard to do with the short battery life these devices are left with. If you don’t have a charging cable and a reliable power source, the rest of your day could be a miserably boring one. TotalGeek is here to save the day and show some great solutions due to the (quiet) battery pack revolution.

The Anker Slim....$18



The Anker Slim is a great, affordable choice that is highly portable. This  baby packs 3200 mAh which can theoretically charge most smartphones twice. In the lab, this battery pack was unfortunately only able to charge most phones once to one and a half times. Even so, it comes with a built in micro-usb that can easily slide into a protective slot when not in use. This pack also features a LED flashlight as an added bonus. For $20 you have an on-the-go rechargeable battery that can double your smartphone's battery life and even act as a backup flashlight. 

The RAVPower Icona....$38

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This tank features a whopping 10,000 mAh battery that can theoretically charge smartphones five to six times and tablets twice. It is a little larger than the Anker Slim but this guy is juiced up. It features two USB ports, one with an output of 2A for tablets and one with an output of 1A to quickly charge smartphones. Both USB ports can be active at the same time, meaning you can charge two devices at once. The RavPower Icona also comes with multiple adapters to charge almost any device you can think of. For $38, there really isn't a better battery pack you can buy.


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