The New $89 HP 7 Tablet


TotalGeek checks out the latest 7 inch tablet from HP. Does Wal-Mart and HP engineer the perfect value tablet? Or do they cut too many corners? Read the full story here!


The HP 7 definitely gets the price right. This sub $100 tablet goes on sale at Wal-Mart on Black Friday, and will certainly entice shoppers.



Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean was the operating system choice for HP's newest tablet and thankfully it is a pretty much vanilla version. Google Play is pre-loaded and we have not been able to find a single app that wasn't supported. Kudos to HP for creating one of the cheapest tablets that has full Google Play support.


This tablet has an Intel Atom Z2460 that runs at 1.6 Ghz. It is a single core processor and double threaded. With 1 gigabyte of RAM, this tablet runs pretty smoothly and doesn't dissapoint on the benchmarks either.

Screenshot 2013-11-29-00-38-14     Screenshot 2013-11-29-01-00-47


The design is pretty slick. It has a white backplate that is made of plastic, but you wouldn't be able to tell it's plastic until you actually touch it. It does have quite a wide bezel and isn't the thinnest, but for $89 it is nothing to complain about.


One area to complain about is the screen, however. A resolution of 1024x600 is nothing to ride home about, and even worse are the washed out colors. When looked at closely, the screen does appear to be slightly grainy. The viewing angles aren't the worst, but improvements would be appreciated. Using this tablet in dark rooms will also show the glow illuminating from the side panels which hints that the seal may not be the titghest around the bezel.

The Rest

The one speaker on the back panel is pretty lonely, but we were quite surprised at how loud it got. This tablet would definately be fine for listening to music and movies. It didn't sound all too tinny either. This tablet can run close to five hours purely on battery, which aint bad at all. There are 8 gigabytes of internal flash storage which can't do much besides store the operating system and a few apps, but thank the handy-dandy micro sd slot for essentially unlimited storage.

The Verdict

You really can't beat this tablet in the sub $100 price range. Its solid performance, battery life, and sound quality definately make the HP 7 quite the bargain. However, this doesn't mean that you should only spend $89 on a tablet. By spending just a little more for the ASUS Memo Pad HD or the Dell Venue 7, you can get a complete package that won't strain your eyes. For the frugal shopper, however, this tablet is a great deal and would be perfect for kids or others who don't need much. Altogether, the HP 7 gets a 3.75/5 for its great price, compatabillity, speed, and expandable storage.





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