Dell Venue 7 Review

Venue 7 


TotalGeek takes a look at Dell's first 7 inch Android tablet! Dell is not known for their experience with Android design, but they certainly have designed this tablet right! Read all about this stylish, powerful tablet that won't break the bank.






This tablet looks and feels really nice. The surface of the Venue 7 is made of a durable rubber that gives it a really solid grip. The back has a stylish Dell logo in chrome along with a large camera in the upper center. The tablet feels pretty durable and it quite possibly won’t shatter if you drop it. We weren’t too fond of the front though as it picks up smudgey fingerprints very quickly.


The Dell Venue is running Android 4.4.2. Dell decided to be generous and keep Android vanilla and bloat-ware free. With the Venue 7, you get full Google Play support as well, and almost all apps run well on the late-to-the-game Intel processors.


Dell and Intel have been friends for a long time, and it just wouldn’t be right to go with any other chip maker for this tablet. The Intel 2560 was the weapon of choice with two cores spinning at a deadly 1.6 Ghz. The Venue 7 also has two gigabytes of RAM which is a really nice touch to future-proof itself against more power-hungry applications. 16 gigabytes come onboard with an expandable storage option on the side of the tablet, allowing for unlimited storage essentially.

The Rest

The camera quality was okay at best, but what can you really expect from a tablet. A word to the wise: keep you smartphone handy for photos. Sound quality out of its single speaker was decently clear and loud, but one speaker? C’mon. We would have really liked two channel stereo sound at this price point. The 1280 x 800 HD screen was a great choice for the Venue 7. Text and images are displayed crisply and lively. Everything looked great when using this tablet and it will definitely not strain your eyes as much as some other budget tablets out there.


TotalGeek was very impressed with this tablet. For $150, this is a solid choice. We give the Venue 7 a 4/5 for its sharp 1280 x 800 display, its speedy performance, stylish design, and expandable storage.

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