TotalGeek's Crypto Mining Guide!


 Check out TotalGeek's super simple guide to turn your computer into a money making machine! This page will be under continuous improvement to create the ultimate yet simplest SCRYPT crypto mining guide for you total geeks and semi-geeks alike!

Note: Crypto mining can cause serious strain on your computer and TotalGeek assumes zero responsibility for damages to any of you or others’ possessions or anyone’s wellbeing from attempting to follow this guide. This guide is for educational purposes only. The links to outside website and downloads have not been scanned by TotalGeek and are not promised to be secure in any way. This whole paragraph of lawyer talk should hopefully do.

 1.  Install latest graphic drivers for your graphics card. The chip manufacturer will be either nVidia or AMD, and they have utilities on their websites to automatically detect and install the latest drivers.

 2.    Pick a coin, any coin.

-          TotalGeek recommends a coin with a large market value as these coins usually have an established set of mining pools, making it all the easier to join the fun! (And well, chasing your dreams of becoming uber rich)

-          When searching for a coin to mine, also check its profitability to make sure your electric company won’t be profiting more than you (hehe, but seriously) Don’t worry about entering the correct hash rates and electric rates, just scan for the coins with higher profitability and make sure they break even with the site presets.

-     Once you have found the coin of your dreams, download that coin's wallet from their official website. Here is WorldCoin's site for example:

 3.   After installing your wallet, download the program: GUIMiner – Scrypt. This is a mining program that is the easiest to use for beginners, and will work with all coins that run on scrypt (note: Bitcoin will not work with this program)


Install this somewhere you will remember, such as your desktop.

After you have registered with a pool, enter the pool's connection info into GUIminer. On the pool's website, create a new worker and a password for the worker. Enter this info into GUIminer as well. Lastly, tell GUIminer the type of graphics card you are using and you are ready to go!



In the example above, TotalGeek used the pool which is for WorldCoin. Our example miner was named 1 and the password was X. You can try inserting these into the GUIminer application to test everything out. But Note: the coins you mine with the above settings will go to TotalGeek's wallet! You must setup your own worker and password on your pool's account. From your pool you can adjust your account settings to set up automatic transfers from what you make mining to your own personal wallet address!



If this article has made you super rich, donations are always welcome:

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